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What is HearVu?

HearVu is a groundbreaking, human-centered technology that is transforming the hearing healthcare industry. The HearVu software solves the historic challenge of explaining the audiogram and builds a fun, interactive experience for practitioners and their patients. The software contains video animations of the ear, an interactive audiogram with filtered speech capabilities, and educational diagrams of the implications of untreated hearing loss. HearVu can be personalized with brand logos and colors, and used as a practice’s unique, holistic tool for hearing healthcare.

Do I need training?

Passionately designed and built on the ideas of clarity and human connection, HearVu’s user interface has no learning curve. HearVu is intuitive, easy to utilize and creates a consistent protocol within any practice.

What type of support is provided?

Software support is provided by HearVu, and can be accessed through our contact form.

What types of practices is HearVu made for?

HearVu is made for any hearing healthcare provider that works with patients. Whether you’re a private practice Audiologist, Hearing Instrument Specialist and/or healthcare provider, this software connects and teaches your patients about their ears and hearing. Additionally, it’s a super tool for training students to teach the audiogram.

Can I personalize the HearVu software to reflect my practice's branding?

Yes. HearVu allows practices to brand the software interface for their own personal use by uploading their logo and brand colors in the settings. It becomes your own unique tool, setting you apart in your industry and community.

Still have questions?

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