Our Story

HearVu was a passion project born out of years of frustrating hearing evaluations. Too many patients left without a hearing solution based on a lack of understanding of an audiogram.

How It All Started

HearVu was a tool that I initially built just for my practice. Its development immediately differentiated our clinic from our competitors. After fully implementing HearVu into my practice, I saw the HUGE impact that it was having out our patients and their families. We finally had an interactive tool to educate our patients, while encouraging them to take the next step towards better hearing. The impact was noted not only in our improved sales and close rates, but also in our training of staff and creating consistency in our office amongst providers.

For me, HearVu’s biggest impact is the amount of compassion and empathy that result from the simulation and the explanation of the typically confusing audiogram. We decided to share this tool with the hearing healthcare community. It makes a HUGE impact and allows for excellence. HearVu should be a “best practice”!

Why shouldn’t all of our patients, and their loved ones truly UNDERSTAND the impacts of untreated hearing loss.

Customer Testimonials

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