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Monthly Pricing

Pay for your HearVu service monthly
$ 97
Per Month

Yearly Pricing

Save by paying for your HearVu service up-front
$ 997

The HearVu software can be downloaded to any iPad. A 12.9 inch iPad Pro is recommended.
A new iPad can be included for an additional cost.

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So, what does purchasing HearVu look like? Simply reach out to us via our contact form below and we’ll get started! After we set up your purchase of HearVu we’ll work with you to download it directly to your own iPad so that you can start using it in your practice!

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Auto-renewal Subscription

After your initial purchase of the HearVu software, your subscription will automatically renew so that you never have to worry about losing your access. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so through our contact page.

For bulk purchases of 4-6 units its $55.00 a month per device

For 6+ devices it is $45.00 per device.

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